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Grim March to Black Eternity - text


..the bell tower of souls spreads its black call
bells begin to toll their funeral tone
all has already finished
grim march to black eternity
burning fights human miseries
…suffered passions and tormented desires
black horizon of death is our destiny
souls are cold and silent
like deep waters of a lake in cold winter
my lungs breathe the immense void of eternity
cold night fog covers our eyes
eternal night’s whisper calls the spectral chargers
silent carriages of death drawn by their chargers…are coming
they come down the black sky along its funeral path of tears
they have arrived…they open their black doors to us
we fatal human souls come into grim march
it’s the end of all ruinous human life
legions of black carriages close their black doors
they march with the silence of death
to black eternity…to black eternity

Text přidal KARI

Video přidal DevilDan

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