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..we are the kingdom of the dead
where darkness take our cold souls place
the world is a grave for us
from our tormented eyes flow tears of stone
all we have seen and felt is hate and death
moon lights the ominous shadow of humanity
nothing has sense in this ruinous life
black sky is a pantheon for human laments...
in a graveyard of broken statues our cold bodies rest
every statue reflects a pain...
(... pain carved in black stone ..)
pain of... incomprehension
pain of... desperation
pain of... frustration
pain of... intolerance
pain of... hate
pain of... love
pain of... melancholy, pain of... solitude
our bodies of cold broken stone...
...reflect for black eternity
what grim truth has been
of this decadent humanity..

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Grim March to Black Eternity

Argar texty

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