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The Lord's Acceptance - text


This is the Lord's command: thou shalt discard anything of value
Inexorable as Death, the holiness is a glorious charade
Abandoned laws have been shattered, but the chains are still anchored in faith - Frozen fanaticism!

We thirst for blood that is poisoned, We yearn to become soil
We, the offspring of life, may we receive The Lord's Acceptance!

Thou art reflected in the depths of our minds
Like rebels, we fall, burdened by the divine disgrace
The frames still unpainted, but the paintings are changed
- Moses is drowning!

The fruit must be gathered before the final grain falls
The Word must be followed - a lawless dogma
The king shall be crowned in a violent revolt
The clouds shall collapse - an ocean of fallen life!

In the shadow of our time
Death is enthroned in the shimmering light
Through visions of vice may we receive
The Lord's Blessings!

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