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Lethe's Litany - text


The judgment has come. The bitter end is approaching
Stigmatized, we are led to the bonfires and crosses
Harnessed, but wild, in the vapor, shall we repent
His atrocious creation crying in torment
God's stray sheep, fortified with the will
In collective punishment we shall be slaughtered by wolves
The Council has ruled the absolute end
Everyone is guilty in crimes against Logos

Imprisoned behind the unbreakable bars
Clenched by the almighty claws
Edict of eternal oppression
Branded with scalding cold soot

A Black throne is rising in the clouds of sulfur
A paradise ablaze at the edge of the Abyss
Crawling bodies, twisted by pain
The confessions hail like ash from the heavens
Screams drowned in smoke and prayers in fire
One last lament to life, the prince is now silent
Still, charred - our genesis is burned away
See the cosmos destroyed and forgotten by Lethe

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