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Death's Anti Culture - text


The broken seal bears witness to the end within every soul
Crumbled axioms and rules collapse to the bottomless pits
Those who have walked in the steps of the shepherd
May fall from the steep of Zion
We, who by Him are bound in guilt, welcome the
Death's anti-culture!

The purpose deceived by iniquity
Hope gave way to misanthropy
The legacy of sin empowered Satan
We raise a wall around the Palace of Nothingness

"Step aside and bow before the Cardinals of perdition
Hear the echo from the grave. Tremble before the new gospel of the cult of Death!“

Feel how you are filled with guilt and desire
When you consume a tasteless wafer
Lost and intoxicated you shall remain
Drink from the goblet, which is ever-empty
Those who have betrayed the all-powerful oath
Must be punished until the fire is quenched
The hunger is relentless, but are you still thirsty
When the Archangel offers His blood?

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