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Do you believe that at this time
You'll be understood?
Freedom of speech we do not have
And that can't be good
Words that you'll say get twisted and changed
If you speak your mind
Make your thoughts known and you'll stand alone
Hate just breeds in man's eyes
The power to choose is with me and you
The world is in our hands
We could be the same if we let old pain
Sink into the sand
All blood is red but they want you dead
If you choose to tell
Where you have been, what you have seen
Counts for nothing
If you judge on skin
It will only drag us under
Get it through your head
All this only pulls you under
How will they act when faced with the facts
Look through history
When things are hard, will they play the card
Their ethnicity
Always the same, instinct to blame
Those on the other side
But they can't see, essentially
We are all just the same
I don't judge on skin
But they're going to pull me under
I can't help the facts
Change the tune, don't drag me under now
If we're all the same
Then let it go for once in your life
I am not to blame
Don't play that card on me
Let it go

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