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Out of the vacuum it came
Northern aggression grew into a life form
Obsessing its code into man

The lords of words unspoken
Dormant hate obscure awoken
Visions grew stale black turned pale

"Time you slayer of kings
Gnaws iron bites steel
Grinds hard stone to meal"

War zone of the gods
Ablaze was the sky
Where the ash fell the echo still dwell

Of times when words unspoken
Where strong as iron steel and mountain
Visions grew stale black turned pale

Young men of hate and fire
Burn your gods on the funeral pyre
Before visions turn pale

Misanthropic devils mocking mind controlling priests
Fundamental freedom count the number of the beast
Religion VS will of man fresh blood spite and balls
True rebellion rock and roll / fear of the unknown

Sacrilegious blasphemy
A game changer of notes
Pioneers of a different kind wolfs among goats
Deep water stale and black it may pale but the legacy prevail
Space-time slice in stranger ways
Whatever it unveils

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Arcturus texty

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