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Game Over - text


You know the doors that spell disaster I unlock
You feel my presence now your stomach is a knot
Open minds can be leveled up by me
The devil's blood holds one eight of an ounce
And the saying goes for each seal you close
Another path is lit
Relax it's just a hit

Into your trance I float to sleep
This well may drown but I go deep
End game set me free
One up you calm my sea
Enter 123
Easy now so easily
Burn the bridge and be
All that is real to me
Into the flaming void I flee

All legends wither
You know forever is a lie
The game is over
In the blink of an eye

Not tonight

You turn me round oh yes
I am easy to judge
You win it is over
Game over

Addiction traps
All collapse
I don't care
When it's over
It's over

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Video přidal DevilDan

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