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Relentless Mutation - text

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No profits go to those who battle
To protect their kind from us
And are they not better off
Beyond their mortal kingdom of overflown carrion?
Sate the acrid hunger in you as you gaze into the drip
Stare into its blacken film and do not take your eyes away
The contents of our inverse alter
Will mutate your skin and your mind
Breeding ample mental lucre
Far exceeding any other oddiy
On this curetted old land
Breathe in with your pupils
Then expel the cadence that it gives you
Cast your voice like line and hook
Reeling out your deepest fears
Relentless mutation (x2)
Eons rendered in one view
Binding your sight to the evermore
One second in its void will evoke a phobia of time
All the grim within each thought
Will echo all throughout the liquid
Its current emanates repulsive imagery
Ludic sanguine orb, heaving sable
Incarnation of every witnesses hallucination
Raveling and breeding into its hyper kinetic makeup
Relentless mutation in the retinal burrow of A.U.M
Relentless mutation in your mind
Now describe what you see (x2)

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Relentless Mutation


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