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Vacuum - text


Hear the roaring silence
Echoing from my inner void

Here I am – Empty of emotion, matter, thought
Soulless hull – Collapsing from within
State of mind – Lacking purpose or direction
Unfeeling rock – Imploding on itself

Is this my destiny?
Being devoured by emptiness
Sucked into vacuum
Where nothing can exist

Synaptic gorge
Failure of perception
The laws of physics are twisted
Into spiral descent

Becoming null

Hammer of gravity crushing my bones
Against the anvil of futile existence
A fate worse than death
Realization of total insignificance

Reaching origo of meaning and life
I am null

Face to face with emptiness
Meeting its eye with pure defiance
Doomed to fail but refuse to the end
To bow down to this existence

To this vacuum

Shattering the silence with my final breath

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