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Silhouette - text


Out of the sun an outline of truth
Darkness draped in brilliant light
Blinded – unable to gaze
Down the chasm of enlightenment

The rays sting my eyes as I turn to the sky
The scornful face of a merciless sun
Unable to slake my thirst for insight
My mind desiccates with ignorance

A perfect image of contradiction
Reflecting in my fading consciousness

Fierce blazing light
Perfect solid dark
My thoughts invert

In the barren wasteland of insanity
My only light is that of the sun
Bound by shadows, now lead astray
By luminescent lies

What if the world as I know it is false?
What if illusion is the only thing real?

I’ve sought the line between light and dark
The incision between life and death
I realize that my search is futile
That all and nothing are intertwined

My mind scorched by enlightenment
The sun sets on my dying eyes
A monument to my failure
I disintegrate

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