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Pyrochrysalis - text


I come from a distant sphere
From this yet another world
Different from all you’ve seen
I can’t be defined
By your inferior minds
What your eyes see
Isn’t reality

Bred by terror and hatred
Of them I’m defined
Nurtured by a sea of flames
Beneath sulphurous skies
Cradled by death
In a fire cocoon
Carrying the inferno
Bringing your doom

Born of fire
Grown with hate
Meant to be the bane of all
In hellborn flame

Magma flowing veins
Fuel my dark intent
I bring my poison, my pain
My searing death
Rupture the earth
Bringing about the end
Of the world

By purpose of my soul
From pyrochrysalis
Come to stop
The flow of life

Slow burn

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