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From Misery to Purpose - text


From misery to purpose I come
Down to the core of the soul!

The razor’s opening my veins,
There’s no return from breaking point!
Devoid of power,
Once submerged
Into the oceans of despair,
My Gods are rising
Tears they cry are bloody-red,
Falling down to sate the thirst
Of the gardens turned to…

No more blood to sate this thirst!
To be erased from the memories of this Earth!
The world is rumbling mad –
Deadly omens of the end!
Used to take your life in stride?
Have the guts to die with pride!

Come, Mother, come!
I feed you from my veins!
The world we loved has gone forever!
I lay this new world at your feet!
So come, Mother, come!
And take it in your grace!!!

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