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Beware the Dreamer - text


Feel no sorry
For any single day!
What is coming my way?
No pain, no gain –
Try as hard as I can,
Getting less than it takes!

You see me standing at the bottom
Of the same ladder again!
But every time I fall
I’m getting one step closer to my aim!

I think once, you think twice
But your telescopic eyes
Are covered up with reality.
Watch your step, mind your breath,
Fear of ending up like this –
With no laments at your obsequies!

You’re so afraid of dying
All alone in empty room.
Convince yourself you do your best –
Beware the dreamer once were you!

Time’s not a cure!
Suppress your past
When you see your reflection in my shining eyes…
You’ve taught yourself
To wish for few –
Now you fear that I can give much more than you can take!

It gives no hope,
It kills no pain,
But path of mine is straight and plain.
No holding back, not a step aside –
Just let your heart decide!

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