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Towers of a wretched city, spire over a misted sea
The Charon is waiting to escort you
Where demons forever cease to sleep
Temples glow red with the fire
A moat surrounds these walls of iron
Boatmaster reaches the gate of dis
Entrance to the subsurface flames
A Thousand fallen angels hover over the gates and cry
Who without decimation wish to enter the kingdom of the dead
City of eternal flames, house heretics in shame
City of eternal fire, no escape from blackened mire
Fear not for no one can take you from your passage
Upon turbin winds of forceful sound over the Styx the intercessor arrives
The thousand ruined spirits flee from the ancient one
Bow down to the messenger who opens the gates with ease
Fortress encloses on either side
a spacious plain of sorrows, evil, torment and infliction
Sepulchres glowing hot scatter flames amongst the tombs
Moans of grievous saddened souls
disseminate from the dark
Here lies the arch-heretic with followers from every sect
Their tombs are sealed ‘til times end
Without the bodies which they have left above

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