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Fire foretells return of the king from the land of Troy
The sin of his fathers rests upon him, demise is his only choice
He sacrificed his daughter to the gods for wind to push his sails
Ten years of battles lie behind him, the shores of home ahead
Agamemnon the gods hold your fate and they won’t let it go
Agamemnon you know you must die, hate the prophecy foretold
A hero’s welcome greets Agamemnon no one suspects his doom
Clytemnestra plots to steal his throne and put Aegisthus in his place
The destiny of man is descending upon the earth
Cassandra prophecises his departure from this world of foolish minds
Clytemnestra thrust her knife three times into his back
Aegisthus waits to take command of the city without a king
A mangod made a man once more brought down by the gods
Apollo tightens his reigns on Mycenae as the sin-drenched city repents

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Destination Unknown

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