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Lights gone, sun bleeds the night where quiet shores soothe the raging tide
Ethereal awaits the everlasting dome where darkened skies once slept forlorn
Sunset, autumn wilted scent thy nectar’s hidden, a venomous spell of dead rhymes…
Neglected scripture sense concealed beneath the lightless side of Dryad’s eyes…
From silvery falls to gilded soil every pathways ends, every whispers ignite desires lost
As a wind never blown… Mormouring hills at moonrise spread fields of white shadows
Carved in black stones…

“Starless landscapes in fugue toward old seas of inner cosmos unnamed
Behind the curtains of morning fog lies the sun, painter of blindness
An exiled soul in perpetual wandering…”

Horizon silken veil starving perceptions (it) enshrouds
As I lay down defenses. Dominion of tainted hopes
An elusive mourn arose from the depths of seclusion…

So I run away from a Reason of mystified appearances
Of glorified thrones, in misguided dreams adorned

How long silence will lead us to the red blood dawning?
How many seasons yet to breathe
Before I may leave this burden of mine?

… I will follow tears to riverside…

Ego’s eruption streams forth as wept in pain
Through daylight my hands finally reach the fire
That burns with strength in eclipse…
Oblivion of emotions reborn at least in death

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