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Echoes of madness
From past dimensions
Have sculptured the memory
And filled it with fire
Taught; whatever they’ve met
Has been converted
That is burned or killed
Remember these words
It’s a wisdom of history
Forgotten by many
I remind you
Swords were their language
In the name of Nazarene
No fucking mercy
No fucking regret
For ignorance and mockeries
Don’t feel
Was written of the end-
It won’t get us
But religion
Which created it
It’s high time to rise
Take what belongs to us
And reign with a strong grip
Two thousand years it’s enough
I said enough
Rise my Pantheon
There are many extremists
What of it? If ridiculous
Vulgar but unconscious
Do not follow slaves of the trends
We shall see many fists
Hear screams of a thousand throats
Feel pride among brothers
Watching modern apocalypse

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