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Heritage of The Damned - text

Crucified beast on the altar
Between holy flames and voices
Gives the suffering a way out
It's wisdom of god
When the soul is dead
And fear has remained with mortals
The chalice is full of sins
I give it to the angels
Look, the cross was to heavy for the saviour
Bless me upon your throne in heaven
Bless the one inspired by death
Bless the violence, my truth

I remember the night of unholy war
Many voices became silent forever
Virtues closed in wooden coffins
Are calling for revenge

Blood must be shed
The swords are rasor sharp
Consciences are dead
Blasphemy - monumental
They were taught not to trust unreal perceptions
Not to trust the ridiculous holy voices

My infinity is closed in my mind
My hell is everywhere, is not dead
They were before me with pure idea
And show the way of damnation

This way I must go
Be dead among living fools
Blind among prophets
Be a voice above understanding
I am

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Curse Man's Blame

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