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Look how many beings
Has been devoured
Bought for the promise of redemption
Struck with terror
Do not allow any authority
To capture your mind
Do not trust cowardly voices
Because you’ll became a coward
For mental inquisition
One king was already convicted
Wearing a poor crown
Enthroned by his nation
Take off this shroud
Feel the essence of suffering
Breath of human desires
Scorching face, burning eyes
Take them with you
The moral dictators
Creating a sick reality
I turn away
Leave totalitarian minds
Break fake tradition
It’s human
Want they suffer?
Let them suffer
Let them fall
While bearing the cross
Their poor fortune
Has been created
By the shepherd
Listen to what I’m saying
Yet created
By the shepherd
Holy tears in the ocean of blood
They’ve shed
They’ve shed
Will not suffice
To put out
All the pyres
They have lit
And now they dare to tell us
How to live
Yet they’re shameless

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Curse Man's Blame

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