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You're tired enough, my greatest Lord
You see no future, only a dreadful end
You're arms are too weak to hold your sword
The destinies of nations depend on you no more.

You're sitting on the mighty throne
And looking to the past
You think about right and wrong
Your time is running fast

Visions going through your mind
You see the kingdom fall
By suffering and pain of mankind
You have made your final choice

You hear the gentle voice of love
But you won't abandon to your passions anymore
Her name is rising from your heart
But will be dead with you and sink into oblivion forever

You see your brother's eyes
Remember how together you ran and hunted in the forest
But now you realize
That he's your enemy. And was it really worth this?

You try to protect your people from the war
But the cost of this is their slavery
Now you're asking yourself: "What for?"
For what is this humiliation?
Why this mortification?

Zatuplen meč. Strela ne poražajet celi.
Sledy kopyt davno už porosli travoj.
I belyj sneg pokryl verchuški jelej,
Slavu bylych pobed skryvaja pod soboj

Text přidal Andrew_Deer

Video přidal Andrew_Deer

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