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The white sails are above the horizon
The strange sails from other lands
Hurried up by cold winds
The vessels are rushing to our shores
There are crosses on the sails and banners
And masts reaching up to the heavens
The launches touched the smoothness of the salty waters
Little did we know of the impending doom

We did not know that Death would spread its wings
Having stepped on the land of our fathers and grandfathers

And even Gods will be powerless this time
Facing the steel and fire of invaders

Blood will flow like boundless river
Endless will be mothers' sorrow
The clouds will close the land forever
The land most dear to us

The heart is beating in the cage like a bird without wings
The grief is tearing souls to pieces
The sky is tearing itself apart with a helpless moan
The helpless moan of our Motherland

Under the attack of the welded in steel
The strangers bringing destruction
The land of fathers is shaking and no use
To entreat the Gods for help
The land is forever stigmatized with the cross

Krestom Zemlja naveki zaklejmlena
Isterzana metallom i ognem
Nad nej čužije podňaty znamena
Čužoj porjadok, vera i zakon
Tverdili ljuďam mudrecy: "Ne verte,
Vy etim belosnežnym parusam
Veď belyj cvet vsegda byl cvetom Smerti
A gde ona, tam netu mesta nam".

Text přidal Andrew_Deer

Video přidal Andrew_Deer

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