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This is the place i choose to live
I have these vows inside of me
I paint my face
to avoid disgrace
And I intend not to run away
In my first sight I feel the heat
I see the children talk to trees
This is a good place
which I embraced
And I intend not to run away
And I intend not to run away
I carved my vows in stone
where everyone can touch and see
The sense of beauty blows
in every man who choose to live
I am a rustic hunter
fighting against another warriors
They want to face my crowd
but now I have this "magic touch"
I see those future men
they think they can command the world
A real pride remains
In a man whose life needs to be free
we run, we hunt, we kill to eat
and feel no shame or guilt
A balance of calm and rage lies in every man in our nature
The sun is always shining
even if you’re alive or dead
Beware of every "white"
cause man is more dangerous than beasts
Kill the prey, destroy all veins, I'm hungry for a million of days
Take it all things away
They will pay for this whole disgrace

10 million years and..
Indians go back to their homeland!
I'm an Indian and a man
Indians go back to their homeland!
I'm an Indian, show respect!
Indians go back to their homeland!
Will the peace unite mankind someday?
Please come back to your lands
I don't want to turn back!

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