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They Say Surrender - text

they say it must have been surrender
they cannot see how i could love a man like i love you
I tell them all that there is to remember
and i don't recall anything but your tenderness true

they say - everything comes to an end
that even the strongest will bend
given the chances of time
they say - a love like ours will not last
but i've seen the future in stars
and i know it's ours to refine

they say - you will show me your true colours
the moment the sun sets behind the mountain we lean on
but i know - angels are there just for lovers
and gently they guard us each day
and they keep our love warm

they say - you're not the lover for me
hoping for proof they don't see
somehow awaiting your crime
I fall - into your arms
with my heart open as wide as the stars
I know that your love is mine

they say - love in the dark is surrender
all i recall is the fire that burns in our eyes
i know - we will be always together
forever is only a drop in the ocean of sighs

la la la la la la la la

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