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When the melody of birdsongs seems like an irritating chaos to the ears
when the warmth of sunlight feels like a torturing burning to the skin
when you'd rather scrape the smile off of the happy faces all around
And you realise that all you have been living was just a play of your mind
when you are eager to find something to be blamed for all the feeling that didn't remain the same
Now you must draw a line
for what is gone is gone forever
give birth to new life
rise from the torn pieces of your former self
Go wherever you want to
do whatever you like to
go wherever you want to
be whoever you like to be
You are a child drawing clouds with chalk on the pavement
choose the colours whichever you like to paint your own sky
you are never again a victim of the emotional enslavement
the taste of freedom will be the only reason for you to cry

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