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Raped and burned,
under facist skies
don´t regret ripe days
we are so far away
and now what´s been done,
can´t been undone
why are we the artifacts?
replicating burns,
word of the faith to fuck again
we begin to hide amongst them
closing in on their plans
where do they want you?
dead in a box
between the dirt, rocks and the worms.
and if we must we´ll claw our way back
taking shelter amongst the hills of the damned
hiding within walls of neglegence
I´m sick and tired of all the lies
we´ll expose you for who you truly are!
as we begin to..
open the sky, let in the light
it reveals you to our eyes
open the sky, let in the light
we are here to warn you!
we are here to warn you!
burned away under sadist eyes
only the dead seem alive
my anxieties are the vultures
perched upon my shoulder
loss is at heart of this
flesh consumed and the seed
of hardworking man abused
dragged by your own
two feet through the dirt
You fucking ask for this
you reap what you sow
you asked for this!
and loss is at the heart of this
dead and gone
are your moral values
dead and gone
the things that you hold true
dead and gone
everything that you loved
dead and gone
where are we now?

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