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Fast from truth, to disguise your face
Accustomed to another blinded maze
Soil the sickness with material hate
And forget the reason that
Appointed today
Awaken to the crimson thorn in your side
Every footstep marks the tears they cried
Invoked by the smiles at a Sunday feast
Weakens each mile that's
Been forced to climb

Swimming through the ashes
Of dense betrayal
This december is a prayer in hell
Transformation has drowned itself
Your silence overwhelms irrelevance
A visual awareness to the sadness within
The reverie seconds the pallets of faith
Drown by the shame
Crawling under your skin
As a prelude to existence guides you away

An invasion of design
A master piece of time
A passionate crime
Dying in the light

In turn my season shall change
By the light of my reasons exchanged
Humiliation gives meaning to shame
A terminal dignity, for what's insane
Cancel the side show, no applause needed
The hassle to find, the tragedy bleeding
Another excuse to destroy the act
To retrieve a friend

Loyalty seems to bring apology
With a good heart, now withering away
Self indulgence never concealed my face
Until the moment that I fell from... grace
An angel of malice screams for release
Into the center of lust, and peace
No longer shall I fell defeat
No longer will I seduce that dream

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