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We've burnt the brightest of our minds
For the sake of being equal
In a flock of moaning sheep
And now we're waiting for the leader
When we've let the nails of fear
Drive into our heads so deep
That it almost felt like love,
At least we made ourselves believe
But i still can't get, no i still don't know
Why after all these years
We still need someone to suffer
For our mistakes, in the name of our future
Like they haven't paid enough in the past for us in present
And three words of the truth
Still cost us thousands of lives
And if this is your home
These are your people
Is there something but lies
You have left for your children?
Can you take the blame
Can you take the blame for those
Who remain unforgiven?
You were scared that we would remember
All of your crimes proclaimed as the feats
You can bury every bone, scatter words to letters
Burn every broken home, but you can't steal the promise
Made by the mother in front of metal doors
Her greatest fear after the biggest loss
How can we dare to forget?
History is made by the cries of the lost generation
History is made by the ink that colored the sheets with frustration
History is made by the years of courage and hopes of the children
History is made by the ones who refused to let it be written.

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