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Raised on the Blood of Heroes - text


We've all felt this way before
Oppressive feeling of forlornness
Is squeezing your lungs again (It keeps coming back)
Don't bend under the weight
Of "pious" words of the ones who failed
To achieve something bigger then social status
Ask yourself why

It's back again and it's worse than before
Persistence has frozen in rants that
Were spewed in your face
To engulf everything
You thought was no ones's
But yours

Brace yourself - it will never be
The shortest path to choose
You knew, you knew
You'll have to make it on your own

Your forefathers did not give up their
For you to give up on yourself
Raised on the blood of heroes
Shall not repose
Raised on the blood of heroes
Shall not repose

Forsaken for now
Yet still we have faith
We shall never forget
The price we had to pay

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