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Numbers are Going Down - text


The days keep flashing,
Depriving me of a chance to catch a break,
To catch my breath, I never wished for it
To be like this, I never wanted

I never wanted to have to run my life down
I always thought that I was in control

But time keeps playing jokes on me
My peace is a fading delusion

Escaping my whole life
This is another corner of the same room
I traded the ones who cared about me

On a mirage of a life,
A tiny world, that I called my own,
Where it was so easy to make a difference

To feel like I meant something more
Than always scared and running ant

Now I beg for the last embrace
Cause there is only one way out

I always kept wearing thin when
You begged me to pull through

I just kept wearing thin when
You begged me to pull through

And now there is only one way out
This light is fading,
I never knew it was so near

I breath my last spark out
Deny to shine one last time

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