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Pitch Black/Heat Death - text


Pitch black - I'm easy prey tonight
You know how it goes, you can't deny
That's right, I sell out every time
It's going downhill, but still I climb

I got two strong hands and some good genes, I'll survive
Still I'm in the wrong lane cause I don't drive
I tell myself "out of sight, out of mind"
Have to learn the hard way every time

Heat death - Can't wait till you get here
I'm gonna pack my stuff and disappear
You know it stings my heart and crushes my pride
But unlike me he'll stay by your side

You know it's only me against the world this time
Too bad being stubborn is a crime
Found a note, written to me, I guess
It said "I died for you, cause you're a mess"

I had to learn it the hard way
I let you go, I let you run away...

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