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Originating a beginning of the journey,
crossing these invisible boundaries.
Raising my retinas to infinity,
and finding so small possibilities.

Expands its soul near to me
within this ceiling, this gray prison.
Observe these slow hours passing
as the sky opens up to you.

Open your eyes to this redshift.
Let the dreams fly free to the stars.

Prevail, we, pass the start
by joining our horizons at the end.
All this chaos in order converge
in a universe which we call sinful.

Open your eyes to this redshift.
Let this thought fly free, my gift.

"A través del tiempo tu mente vuela al olvido.
Extrañando esos parajes nebulares moteados.
Te acercas y tocas la fina capa fría del vacío,
Donde nunca podrá encontrarte la melancolía."

No word, for those who travel endlessly,
without knowing what's the truth that will come.
Sadly and tenderly caress these last verses,
and turn your head looking towards the future.

Inexorable paths through knowledge
provided for years and years of displacement.
And the sun, sinking in the dark night,
embrace us among her radiant understanding.

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