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Woods of Wistfulness - text

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Iced tears descend slow from a dark sky
The cold river flowing down mountainside
In the mist crying gloomy shadows float by
Dismal silence, bleak desolation inside
Through the trees whispers a light cold breeze
Blows through the hair, caresses the skin and tears
The low cold Sun's rays come from afar, dimmed and sheared
Of their warmth, heart struck by utter woe and fear
In the crystal clear water flowing down mountainside
Shine ancient memories of the times long time gone
Vanishing spirits cloaked in misery and woe
Crestfallen soul, no hopes, no Gods up high
"I am lost in the Woods of Wistfulness.
Melancholy surrounds me, darkness eats me from inside.
The icy mist penetrates deep 'till my core
And carries funereal, ancient shadows.
Twilight time, the Sun is low
And so far away that its rays don't give warmth.
Only the sound of the crystal torrent
That carries the once joyful memories of you."

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