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As the night divides the day
The dark will come to everyone
Fear will strike the hearts of all
The hearts of all both old and young
The fool may be carefree
Unknown to him the troubles upon his masters brow
But death us all will grasp with hand so cold to pull us down
And so the sun is low again
Along horizon a crimson blaze
Soon the dusk us all embrace
The shadows long as life itself
But in the light of moon and stars above be sure ye everyone
Tomorrow new a day will dawn
None stop can the course of the wheel of sun
As sure as it is true once we all shall die true it is not all men lives
A king shall fall
A child be born
The gods will take and gods will give
Before your time has come
Do climb your mountainside on a morning fair
And smell the fragrance carried by the wind
Let it blow freely through your hair
Damned he who sits and curse woe the dark but will do not a thing
To light the torch
To shed the light
For him the dark is all within
Slowly across the sky the golden disc of light it tumbles on
The wheel of life and light
The seasons
Behold the wheel of the sun

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