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Ode of Last Twilight - text

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Since light was born
Come did dark and mourn
Since we came to life
Doomed we were to die
After every sunrise
Sure will come a twilight
At the end of my time
I will have to shut my eyes
Bloodthirsty, ferocious, your eyes are black and hollow
You grasp us with your hand so cold to drag us down
No mercy, just pain, nobody can escape
Chills and fear announce you the day we have to die
You come through winter night
Silent, your cold hand grasping
Cloaked in black, unseen
Not another spring we'll see
Where will I travel
When my time has come,
What will I become
In the last hour of mine?
From sunrise 'till twilight, before our last night
Keep this in your heart: a new day will not come
When Sun's far and low, its rays no longer warm
Beholding the twilight, I'll know it's my time to die

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