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Black Files - text


Fighting, restless, for some freedom
Dream is endless, mind full, collision

Where now, don`t know, it`s vague vision
Don`t let others make your decision

Force of life within you leads the way
New tomorrow feeds bleak yesterday
Standing still now breads the mole inside
These heavy wings just won’t let you fly
Lost and week can`t find the love you seek
So now it`s time to change!

Believe in your own wisdom
It heals you, brings you freedom
Don`t be so slow in action
Don`t hesitate to question
Be peaceful and courageous
Be humble and contagious
Life is in fact a pleasure
Your question has an answer

Morning, sunrise, saves all, clear skies
Now it`s time to, drop all, true lies
Fly now, take off, fly now, time is now!

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Act of Hybris

Aperion texty

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