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My task; to bring life, once you knew you saw my greatness
Suddenly you've got no clue
For a fact, I´m beginning to hate you
You praised, you glorified, just like you should
I blazed with well-deserved respect
and assisted when I could
I watched you below with pleasant affect
What a huge evolution fail
From confident and insightful
to weak, pathetic and frail
Humanity is frightful
When you nourished our alliance
So did I
You’re a huge disappointment
Have you ever thought of why
I who before brought life
Now make you sick
and let you die
You speak of diseases
But the worst plague is you
You ought to be exterminated
And in time that’s just what I’ll do
My nutrient powers are almost gone
All because of what you´ve done
Once I was the healing one
Now they call me murder sun
Murder sun
Before I gently caressed your skin
Nowadays I plant cancer within
Because of you, all because of you
I call you murderer son
Since you´re the killing one

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