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Too late for those who dared out of fear
The sirens hunted them down and took them easily
Some of them tore in two before the villager’s eyes
When the sirens fought over their prey
Nothing can stop them now
Mankind seemed doomed
These monstrous beings…
We could swim for our lives, but we wouldn’t make it far
Even if we reach the shore they would know where we are
Harpoons might work, it's our only chance
Load them up!
We'll catch them as we see them
The chief shouted to the members of the crew
What seemed like a bad idea against something so powerful
As these she-devils actually worked
As one of the sirens was shot in the eye
And another one in the stomach
And they fell into the dark waters
The third siren was also shot
She fell into the depths
They sailed back home
When they reached the land, many stood still and watched the sea
Was this the end?
(Rumors of lights from the waters at night
Some say it’s the eyes of the sirens)

Text přidal DevilDan

Videa přidal roman59

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Across Dark Waters

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