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Constance Willow II - text

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Constance Willow was her name
She was only ten
One of few children in this village beneath the grey woods
She had trouble sleeping
She had a vision that kept her awake
When the night comes
We’ll all fall down
Relive the eve
When the night comes
We’ll all come down
Release me from this deepest slumber
She saw through the Chief’s eyes
She felt his anxiety
Something wasn’t right, but she did know what it was
He spoke of a greater life that evening in the square
But when he spoke he looked like he just wasn’t there.
That night she didn’t sleep at all
She sat and watched the waters, the ocean always made her calm
Far away she could see a glimmering light
When she saw what it really was - the eyes of the Sirens
She knew the tale was true
She had to warn the villagers, but who would believe her
She decided to tell the chief, maybe he'd seen them too

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