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The forest grows high,
Verdant towers obstruct the sun,
The wild paths twist and turn,
Concealed by overgrown ferns,
The somnolent forest sleeps,
The murk woods run deep,
In the height of the day night falls,
Imprisoned inside malachite walls.
The mossy willows of dead trees,
Lie shrouded by fogs of jade,
The canopy of vibrant leaves,
Veils the thicket in shade,
One is all, All is one,
As life renews each day,
The tenacity of nature,
Consumed by evergreen opulent sage.
Flesh and blood feed the earth,
As we rot down into the dirt,
The roots grow between our bones,
And insects infest the brain,
Vert life burrows inside,
A fertile nest of ancient lichen,
Toxic pools of virulent rain,
Leak down in venomous cascades.
Eternal life,
Ever flowing waves of green,
Eternal life,
Entangled in the viridian dream.

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