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In Bestial Decadence - text


Pull the spear back from the skull
Let it plunge in hundredfold
Through the naked torso and virgin chest
The corpse thrown unto the Earth
In her embrace it's unnatural curse
A morbid grace to raise the pallid flesh

I crown the monarch
Kingdom ov dead
A lifeless empire
In bestial decadence

Barren land turned into red gleaming streams
Purging from holes the blood retrieves
Sinking down into the thirsty soil
To summon forth the ghastly below
Chanted rites
An impious tale
Cast upon withering graves

Aborted infant sacrificed flesh
Palpitating blood from the severed head
Incantation to let darkness reign
Cadavers rifled from their natural fate
Instill a second poisonous life
Ministers ov ravenous demise

Text přidal DevilDan

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