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I’ve been way busy to create

And I find it really hard to concentrate

While I’m searching for another score that surge of Dopamine

When I come across some awesomesauce

Well I’m glued to my screen

Tumbling down tumblr

There’s so much to see

I just installed Missing e

Tumbling down tumblr

There’s so many cats

Look! This one’s wearing a hat

I can’t believe Obama’s tumbling

Ugh, lame! It’s so mainstream

Ponies memes and DOCTOR WHO

There’s sparkles on my theme!


I ship these two, OTP

Look! A talking puppy

Tumbling down tumblr

Who’s flooding my dash

That’s Benedict Cumberbatch

Tumbling down tumblr

I’m going back home

The Ocean’s less current than this

Photos of Emma Stone and Spiderman, Everywhere!

Keep calm and just sing!

Eff Yeah {Insert anything}

And oh so many Gifs

You know that it’s pronounced like “Jiff”!

No! Yup! No Way! Yes!

Tumbling down tumblr got so many notes

That was a complete re-post

Tumbling down tumblr

This place is ideal

No GIF could express this feel

Tags! LOL! Vintage! GIF! “Jiff”! Vinyl! One Direction! Science! Cats! Poetry! Comics! Loki! Funny! Boobies?!?

Tumbling down tumblr

There’s so much to see

Tumbling down tumblr

We all can agree

Tumblr is the place for me

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