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Back from the future - text


Make sure you never ever date Jack!
He'll cheat on you never come back
Watch out for Larry he'll end up gay
And you'll find out on your wedding day

When you meet Frank he'll ask for a date
Make sure you do say yes, don't be late

Oh and make sure you walk on his right
Or you will slip on poop and "good night"

I really liked Frank
And he was the one
And I messed it up
So don't slip on poop!

Make sure you talk to Mama and Dad
'Cause if you don't you'll sure end up sad
Ma wins the lotto, Dad buys a Villa
And then they write you out of the will ugh!

Don't post those photos onto your facebook
You'll find your nudes all over the place, look!
Try to remember all of this please
And when in doubt just stay off your knees

Please this is your chance
To get it all right
You know in advance
So don't f*%k this up!

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