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I am the voids progeny
Relayed from the black to here
Born of the unforgiven sea
Bestowed with temporary immortality
Tuned in to time and space
In love with my own chains
Till the devil looked into my face
And pulled back my veil
Neural oscilation, fade in/fade out
Am I lucid?
It's just existential
Here in the dark there is no-one else
For I can only sense my self
A freak singularity
But if I created this, who created me?
Betrayed by inner space
Am I straight or have I gone insane?
Is there a series of realities, or just nothing and me?
Did God ever panic, up there all on his own?
Don't you go trusting the timelessness that you feel inside
For you may find one day that it's nothing but a lie
Bow down to the ingress
Realign to the eclipse
When the revelation brings you down to your knees
Ask your God, do dead eyes still see?
If this is only a leaf in the breeze
What the fuck is, what the fuck is me?

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