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Where's your God as you begin the drown
In the shifting sands of here and now
Break hard from the heart of your black hole
Pulling you into delirium
Hit white as the event horison looms
Trajectory has changed
Landslide to aphasia
Dug out of our own grave
The tree of life will fall in the end
Now out of sight of the all seeing eye
This is what you wanted
What will lie beyond these heathen vows?
You might never cave in, but you may never get out
Unsure as of what of yours remains
To get to feel another day
Hold on, hammer in the nails
Reality begins to fade
Hold on to the mast, we are to break
Hold on child
The stars have turned to quicksand
They pull you peace by peace into the void
Am I still here? what is here? Am I still breathing?
It used to be a crown of flowers through your hair
Now its just a wreath held on borrowed time

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