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It's not enough
to say i've loved and lost
just a thought
to know i had it all
times can change
but love will not grow old
turn the page
turn down this bed alone
do you still remember me
how could you forget
you're everything i need
i'm out here on the ledge
there's no words for me to say
and too much to regret
you're where i should be
do you remember when
i let you go
what was i thinking of
i'll never know
what it's like to love
but there's no way
how can i replace
love so strong
when i can't forget your face
{repeat chorus}
we used to dance
i used to sing
do you remember
you and me
'cause if i could
hold your hand
i'd be a king
'cause i remember
{repeat chorus}

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Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony texty

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