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Strong running streaks around your neck
Pushing you closer to the end
Free birding like, "rid me of all the things I ever thought I'd need"

Why must we wait
When the body is rushing
You can't help shrieking out, "take me all the way"
And we die all night
In a ritual dance so custom and archaic
I can't have enough

Flow with the temper in this way
Pushing you closer on to me
Cauterize deep
Rid me of all the things I ever could believe

Why must we wait
With the temperature rising
You can't help crying out, “give it all to me”
And we die each time
In a murderous broth so delicate and ours, makin' our escape

Slow love, so slow love, much harder love, and slow
So slow love, so longer love , much harder love, and slow

Open your eyes

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