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She Might Be - text

sit down take a seat relax my friend
t’s not true that I don’t understand
why you’re so mad about that wench
it’s really chic to talk in French
but still I’m sure she’s not the one
you’ll see after two months she’ll be gone
this girl is looking for a trophy
and you’re not tough but fluffy
she is pretty she is charming
but my friend can’t you see that
she is crazy and she might be...not the one
come on don’t tell me you’re alone
and stop sitting next to the telephone
what about your friends are they on hold?
do you remember what you’ve told?
you said you will be always there for me
and that you won’t fall in love too easily
but you go nuts when she’s around
are you ready for the big rebound?
she is pretty she is charming...
hello hello hello
say no say no say no
she is pretty she is charming...

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Rewind Please

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