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Binary Resurrection - text

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Her song is so alluring
She serenades with silence
Our collaboration rings in a new flesh
Transmigrate this rotted platter into a holy drum
Follow me into the new infinity
Oblivion has an offering and it is my black swan
My only sun
My only daughter tickles your pink canal
Frequencies synthesized
My only son drives the cross into your grey lobe
This black swan breaks
This incessant cycling of mutual exclusivity
Either or
Zero or one
Pitter patter over a bridge to yesterday
As the moon danced in her eyes
And the sky swayed
She uttered some words, but i don't know
She's only there to prop up and glorify me
Another cog in the wheel of a bit rate
The circuit spawn of our union crawls in our head
Worm writhes in my spiral core
Blazing towards the edge
The edge is the center
After is before
Feel the need to contain my seed and crystallize a thought
This tumor earth can't support more weight
Carnal blood ripping disk platter into synthesis
Bi-chrome helix, seashell cracking
Exposing tendrils
Center is the edge and the edge is the сеnter
And we start again
Black swan
My children live
Gestating in your grey space
In your pregnant mind

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