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Vision VII: One with the Soil - text


Bleak are the times for the ones lost in darkness Denying the forthcoming fall of the light Cold is the world while our dreams lay in ashes
The sun remains a memory in this never-ending night
We burned what once was sacred, destroyed the source of our strength We followed a god of destruction spinelessly we marched towards the end! ...towards the end!!!
Now that I'm nothing but one with the soil I've no more to offer but blood, sweat and toil Now that I'm trembling down on my knees Remorse is my companion, forgiveness what I need!

The voice of nature, as the only irrevocable law,
is tired of talking... of screaming (!) for prudence! There is no need for nihilism, no need for insatiable greed! No need to defy forces beyond human mastery!
How many must die to slake your thirst of power? The earth, drenched in blood, will soon demand revenge, (so) how many bullets will be enough?

Text přidal vaci66

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